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Should I do an RPA Proof of Concept?

We often hear the question, “Why do an RPA proof of concept (POC)? Doesn’t RPA work right out of the box?” Improving your chances for success Companies that do an RPA POC have a much better chance of achieving success in their RPA initiatives. The POC process lays the groundwork for a larger automation program…
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Creating an Automation Business Case for Accounts Payable

Intro In the previous post, “Creating Process efficiency in Accounts Payable with Process Automation, we demonstrated a digital transformation to improve Accounts Payable (AP) using process automation.   Automation is a type of transformative process solution enabling shorter cycle times, a higher level of data quality, and fewer human resources to create efficiency.   For example,…
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Cognitive Automation – Intelligent Automation – Part 2

As mentioned in the previous article, Intelligent Automation is the intersection of process automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. In part 1, we talked about the role of RPA as a driver in improved quality, improved efficiency, and lowering the cost of business.  This is achieved by software that can script every day human-computer tasks…
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