Improve the business performance of our clients through true partnership, expert impartial advice, superior solutions, services and delivery and the effective use of emerging technologies.

Core Values

  • Act with integrity and be accountable
  • Listen to the customer and do what it takes to help them succeed with our solutions
  • Foster partnership and cooperation, think win-win
  • Value the individual’s ability and tie individual value to compensation
  • Improve and innovate continuously
  • Look for the road not traveled by our competitors to identify differentiating opportunities
  • Have a long-term plan and execute incrementally
  • Spend conservatively in order to deliver a superior solution to our clients at a lower price-point
  • Deliver value for our shareholders

Why was Votum Founded?

Votum was founded in early 2006 to assist clients in selecting the “right” solution for their particular problem. We make it our business to know the details behind every solution available in a particular industry and to know which of these solutions will best fit a client’s needs. We then guide them through the acquisition of the technology, integrate it with their enterprise systems and ensure these systems are supported with world-class help desk, network management and tech support capabilities.