Wireless Communications

Votum provides a wide array of wireless solutions for our mobile device and GPS deployments. These include everything from 802.11 to cell phones to satellite phones. In many instances, we will combine all of these into a single device in order to ensure our client is always paying the lowest charges possible when communicating with a device. When within range, the device will use the 802.11 network. When out of range it will try both the GSM as well as CDMA networks and will only resort to the satellite network when neither a GSM nor CDMA network can be reached.

The mobile workforce is driving businesses to adopt solutions that are rapidly evolving. Smart phones, tablets, iPads and data cards are causing cellular usage and costs to explode and increasingly difficult to control.  Many companies just don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to adequately manage and control all of these devices and plans, often leaving the task to overburdened IT or finance teams.

Through proprietary processes utilized by our partners, we can negotiate the best possible telecommunications pricing for our clients.   These proprietary process can reduce your wireless costs 15% to 50% every month without changing carriers or devices. It’s a zero risk solution to return money to your bottom line that is needlessly going out the door month after month after month. We’ve done it for some of the top companies in the country and we can do it for your company.