Mobile Devices

Votum entered the mobility market as we saw a necessity to provide acceptable computing platforms for employees at the edge of an enterprise who use automatic identification and data capture technologies such as RFID, GPS and sensor systems. These technologies are frequently utilized for asset tracking, asset management, field services, proof of delivery, scheduling, fleet management, inventory management, manufacturing and many other functions that are typically performed outside of the corporate headquarters.

In order to support all of the needs of these various environments, we formed partnerships with most of the top manufacturers of hardened mobile devices.

Today Votum partners with the industry leaders in hardened mobile devices. We help our clients understand which of these various solutions will best satisfy their business needs. We also perform the analysis to determine integration requirements, perform the integration, perform the software loads, roll out the production solutions and offer support solutions such as help desk, tech support and break and fix. We can also help our customers significantly reduce their costs for these devices.