Location Tracking & GPS

GPS can be used to track people, assets or consumables when they need to be tracked outside the range of even an active RFID reader. These units typically combine a GPS unit with a cell phone, satellite phone or both. On devices combining both, the cell phone will be used if it is within range of a tower. If communications cannot be established with a cell tower then the satellite phone will be used to relay position.

Geo-fencing is typically used to define a specific geographical area in electronic form. When a tagged item is moved outside of a Geo-fence, alerts may go to personnel monitoring assets or inventory, or alarms may be triggered to alert security personnel to a potential theft.

As previously stated for Geo-fencing, alarms and alerts are frequently tied to RFID or GPS installations where the tracking of people or equipment is critical to ensuring security.

Votum carries a wide array of GPS devices that include cell-phone sized devices that can be packed into the middle of a pallet for theft prevention and recovery, magnetized GPS devices that can be placed on large industrial devices for cross country tracking and devices used for tracking oceangoing shipping containers.

Votum also carries a wide array of sensors that can be combined with the GPS devices. These sensors perform functions to include light detection to determine if the container is being opened by unauthorized personnel to chemical, biological and radiation detection.