Votum specializes in delivering emerging technologies to our clients that can potential disrupt their industries.  For example, we have been successfully delivering technologies related to the Internet for Things for over 10 years.  Our clients have used these technologies to improve manufacturing, equipment maintence, scheduling of certified technicians for equipment maintenance, field services, supply chain, automated replenishment of consumables to customers, automatic identification of equipment and people.  We have helped our clients improve the services they provide their customers and gain a competitive advantage by doing so.  The Internet of Things can allow for the removal of humans from direct involvement in the capturing of data dramatically improving the speed, accuracy and volume of data collected.  This newly available data can then be used to provide analytics and metrics never before possible.

Below are but a few of the technologies we use to help our customer cut their costs, generate new revenues and deliver new and improved services to their customers.

Votum partners with the leading technology companies. Selecting Votum to deliver your solutions allows you to easily understand each unique alternative solution and how they meet your company’s objectives. Votum helps you professionally address any challenges and optimally implement the best possible solution.

Votum supplies hardware, middleware, software for mobile devices and a global support network for all of our deployments.