Process Design

The fundamental building block of any successful technology deployment is concise, clear and substantive process designs that accurately reflect the business processes. Through our collaborative design approach and complete design methodology, Votum works with our clients to assess existing processes and deliver complete and functional process designs that accurately reflect how the business will be run utilizing the new technology. These designs are then utilized to train employees and ensure that they are using the new processes that properly incorporate the new technology. Votum’s disciplined and structured designs drive lower overall project costs, lower project risk, and higher end-user satisfaction.

In collaboration with client management, Votum re-engineers the business processes to take full advantage of the technology solution, integrates the solution with legacy enterprise systems, establishes support services for the implementation that yield a seamless deployment and performs detailed analytics on the newly collected data to ensure maximum return on investment.

Votum utilizes proven methodologies, including ITIL and SixSigma, to implement customer-centric services based upon documented customer expectations, all managed using goal confirming metrics and guided by a continuous improvement process.

This disciplined, repeatable approach allows Votum to deliver every project on time, on spec and on budget.