Analytics, Dashboards and Artificial Intelligence

Votum has a keen focus on helping our clients move up the operational maturity scale using data as a key driver. We use innovative data collection, analytics, real-time dashboards, “lean” concepts, artificial intelligence and edge computing to drive exceptional performance.


Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. It relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to approach problems in business. Analytics often utilizes visualization methods to communicate insight. Analytics are usually based on modeling requiring extensive computation and thus the algorithms and software used for analytics tend to bridge the disciplines of computer science, statistics and mathematics.

Votum addresses all 3 types of analytics: “descriptive – what has happened”, “predictive – what could happen based on recent trends” and “prescriptive – what should be done to gain the most favorable outcome”.

Votum uses “The Internet of Things” technologies to collect data never before collected in an automated fashion. We help our clients clean and prepare data so that it can be used effectively for analytics and artificial intelligence purposes.

The powerful analytics tools that Votum brings to our clients offer unique and remarkable abilities to draw data from multiple sources and compute on an unparalleled of scale. The results of this work extend the return on investment for our client’s projects and greatly improve business performance.

As part of our portfolio in dealing with the trillions of data bits encountered by our clients, we offer a broad range of artificial intelligence and analytical tools from the leading providers in the market today. A sampling of our analytics platforms follows:


  • Designed for business leaders challenged to improve performance aligned with corporate goals
  • Provides Operational Intelligence that presents multidimensional data through intuitive symbols
  • Provides easy consumption of “big data” across all levels of an organization
  • Simplifies ability to see problems and associated opportunities in real-time
  • Drive action in real-time
  • Easily spot trends and prevent problems before they occur
  • Identify best practices based on “best performers”
  • Easily find the “whys” when analyzing data
  • Consolidate and validate data silos
  • Customize many views of data to the client’s needs
  • Link “lean” performance data to dashboard indicators

BI and Analytics Overview


Votum helps our clients separate hype from reality, create a vision and define a strategy for AI usage and then develop capabilities using a phased approach.

Votum provides all of the following AI applications:

    • Business insights
    • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
    • Process automation
    • Labor augmentation
    • Customer service
    • Security, risk and compliance
    • Computer vision
    • Speech recognition
    • Machine learning
    • “other”

    Votum also provides an AI development platform:

      • Visual framework-agnostic platform
      • Empowers our customers by simplifying and accelerating development
      • Increases automation in the AI development process
      • Leverages high-performance hardware and cloud services
      • Utilizes mxnet and TensorFlow frameworks
      • Supports code import and custom layers
      • Requires no coding
      • Supports all types of neural network layers including concurrent (CNN) and recurring (RNN) neural networks, long short-term memory (LSTM), convolutional RNN and word embedding
      • Built-in preprocessing options and inline contextual help
      • Integrated IoT deployment