Hotels and Casinos


  • Nothing infuriates hotel guests more than long check-in and check-out lines, especially for premium frequent guests.
  • Recognizing your most important, highest value clients is an important challenge for all hotels and casinos. It is one thing when the person is standing at the front desk, but how do you recognize them when they’re walking down the hall, into the casino, at the restaurant/bar or at the shops?
  • How do you offer specialized services to certain guests and other services to other guests?


  • Specially programmed RFID chips embedded in cards or, even better, in waterproof bracelets can allow guests to do everything from bypassing long check-in/check-out lines to opening their hotel room door to paying for purchases on the premises or entering the spa.
  • A series of readers and sensors, coupled with wearable or card-based RFID technologies, will alert management that a high-value guest has arrived and allow that guest to be identified, tracked and recognized by hotel staff wherever that person might be in the facility.
  • Guest preferences can be captured not only at check-in but at all times during a guest’s stay – favorite drinks at the bar, favorite restaurant on the premises, favorite game in the casino – to enable a personalized guest experience to be offered by the hotel or casino to its best customers.


  • Guests who feel important and pampered or treated specially are inclined to spend more money during their stay and to come back more frequently.
  • Guests appreciate the convenience of not having to carry multiple cards and forms of ID to denote who they are and their privileges, preferences and authorizations. Wearable technology in the form of bracelets makes this an easy transition for guests and patrons.
  • RFID technology, coupled with smartphones and mobile technology applications, makes it easy for guests to perform additional functions while on the property, including making restaurant reservations, scheduling spa services and booking private tours and activities, thus enhancing the guest experience and boosting sales and revenues.