Amusement Parks and Cruise Ships


Amusement parks and cruise ships share many of the same challenges, as they each have a “captive audience” for a limited period of time. Among these challenges are:

  • How to personalize the guest’s experience?
  • How to make processes like checking in, accessing activities and making purchases convenient for the guest and efficient for the host?
  • How to recognize important, repeat and high-value clients and treat them with the friendliness and respect that they deserve?
  • How to avoid congestion, long lines and other inconveniences?

And like an airport, cruise ships and amusement parks are massive facilities. Tracking food and beverage carts, passenger carts, fleet/utility vehicles, emergency equipment and other assets is a huge challenge for amusement parks and cruise ships.


  • Specially programmed RFID chips embedded in cards or wearable devices like waterproof bracelets can allow guests to do everything from bypassing long check-in/check-out lines to opening their cruise ship room door to paying for purchases on the premises or entering the spa. Activities can be scheduled, rides booked, appointments made with special “characters” associated with the ship or park, extra amenities arranged, and so forth.
  • A series of readers and sensors, coupled with card-based or wearable RFID technologies, will alert management that a high-value guest has arrived and allow that guest to be identified, tracked and recognized by ship or park staff wherever that person might be.
  • Guest preferences can be captured not only at check-in but at all times during a guest’s stay – favorite drinks at the bar, favorite restaurant on the premises, favorite game in the ship’s casino – to enable a personalized guest experience to be offered to the company’s best customers.
  • Votum’s Fleet Management and Tracking technology can be used to tag and track any and all cruise ship and amusement park equipment.


  • Guests who feel important and pampered or treated specially are inclined to spend more money during their stay and to come back more frequently.
  • Guests appreciate the convenience of not having to carry multiple cards and forms of ID to denote who they are and their privileges, preferences and authorizations. Wearable technology in the form of bracelets makes this an easy transition for guests and patrons.
  • RFID technology, coupled with smartphones and mobile technology applications, makes it easy for guests to perform additional functions while on board or on the property, including making restaurant reservations, scheduling spa services and booking private tours and activities, thus enhancing the guest experience and boosting sales and revenues.
  • Knowing where valuable equipment is – food and beverage carts, passenger carts, fleet/utility vehicles, emergency equipment and other equipment – is paramount to ensure that the right equipment is in the right place at the right time, improving efficiency and helping to ensure guest and employee safety.