Uniform Sensors


  • Law enforcement officers frequently operate alone.
  • Law enforcement organizations have no method of monitoring officers in an automated fashion
    to determine if they are critically overheated, experiencing high impact events or if they are
  • An officer who is incapacitated cannot radio in for help.


  • RFID tags with sensors are installed in headgear or body wear.
  • The sensors measure temperature, impact and inclination.
  • Tags communicate with reader in the squad car or SWAT vehicle.
  • Information regarding the physical state and location of the officer is wirelessly communicated
    to a central monitoring facility where software driven alerts are automatically sent to dispatch
    when a “out-of-norm” situation is detected.


  • Automatically know when your personnel are overheated.
  • Automatically know precisely where they are located.
  • Automatically know when they have experienced a high impact event or if they are down.