Patrol Fleet Tracking


  • Municipalities and private companies alike own large fleets. Keeping track of and managing
    these fleets is a huge challenge, and if not done properly can result in vehicles not being in the
    proper location as well as wasted fuel, poor maintenance, excess repairs and many other issues.


  • Votum’s Fleet Tracking and Management System is ideal for all types of vehicles including law
    enforcement, ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
  • GPS tracking devices are installed on vehicles to be tracked.
  • Once integrated with GPS real-time location software and activated, the vehicle’s location can
    be monitored in real time on any computer or phone with internet access.
  • The GPS unit uses satellites and cell phone towers to transmit a precise location.
  • The software reports on the data in real time, and collectively the system provides “Real-time
    Location Services”, or RTLS.
  • The RTLS is integrated with a map that can show landmarks, street names and many more
  • The system can also provide data on driver behavior, including automatic notification of events
    such as speeding or sudden deceleration which can indicate emergency situations for the
  • Real-time reporting and notifications provide vital information to assist in preventive
    maintenance, vehicle use, location and on-duty time.


  • Ability to track and plan scheduled maintenance
  • Improved scheduling and availability, faster response times
  • Ability to view proof of visit and time on site
  • Higher visibility of vehicle locations – know where your personnel are at any time, how long they
    have been in a location and where they are going
  • Optimized routing
  • Reduced administration and automated time sheets
  • Lower fuel costs (more direct routing)
  • Reduced private use of company vehicles, as appropriate
  • Improved customer service.
  • Automated documentation of arrival times
  • Improved response to emergencies and last-minute changes
  • Improved communications