Evidence Tracking


  • Law enforcement agencies are responsible for the security of collected evidence.
  • Lost evidence can lead to prosecution failures that defeat all of the difficult and in many
    instances dangerous efforts put forth by law enforcement.
  • Ensuring evidence is tracked at all times and returned to the evidence room when checked out
    is imperative.
  • Physically tying evidence to the officer who checked the evidence out can provide a tracking
    mechanism for the evidence if not returned to the evidence storage facility.


  • Deploy RFID solutions for the purpose of tracking evidence.
  • Tag all evidence and evidence containers.
  • Issue access badges to all personnel authorized to remove evidence.
  • Establish portals around all exits from the evidence storage facility.
  • Supply hand-held readers for use in checking evidence in and out of the storage facility.
  • Establish appropriate processes for checking evidence in and out of the storage facility.
  • Create authorizations for removal of evidence so that only authorized personnel can remove
  • Automatically monitor violations and send alerts to appropriate personnel.
  • Generate reports for auditing purposes or to help improve processes.
  • Up-to-the-minute asset tracking and personnel tracking information.
  • Locate and track in real-time all personnel entering and exiting the storage facility and tie
    evidence removed to their personnel badge.


  • Significant reduction or complete elimination of lost evidence.
  • Clear understanding of who has evidence that has been checked out of the storage facility.
  • Automatically detect evidence leaving the storage facility
  • Automated alerting if unauthorized personnel attempt to leave with evidence.