Equipment Room Tracking


  • Law enforcement equipment rooms typically house uniforms, badges, communications
    equipment, SWAT equipment and firearms. Tracking of this equipment is critical.
  • Lost equipment in the wrong hands can create a crisis of confidence in the department as well
    as cost the department thousands of dollars.
  • Keeping track of this equipment in a manual fashion is time-consuming, inefficient, fraught with
    accuracy problems and frustrating for the officers.


  • RFID tags are applied to all equipment.
  • Portals are established at the entry and exit points to the equipment room.
  • All personnel are issued personnel badges that contain RFID tags.
  • When an officer checks equipment out of the equipment room, it is automatically assigned to
    his personnel tag.
  • When an officer returns the equipment it is automatically reassigned to the equipment room.
  • All assets are tracked in real-time.
  • Dashboards showing available equipment and equipment checked out by officers are always
    accessible and up-to-date.


  • Assets assigned by person, location or other attribute
  • Automates the process of enforcing issued quantities, alerts for expired items and more
  • Visibility to who has what vs. what they are supposed to have
  • Makes checking equipment in and out to police officers quick and easy and reduces time for incar
    inventory for shift changes, allowing the officers to spend more time protecting citizens
  • Provides visibility to all critical items
  • Speeds time to inventory an officer’s personal inventory, quartermaster, weapons and in-car
  • Automatically ties equipment maintenance and inspection requirements to the assets
  • Automatically points out expired items