Automated Ticketing


  • Manual ticketing frequently results in missing data due to failure to fill out all appropriate fields.
  • There is the potential for wrong or no date stamping with a manual process.
  • Failure on the officer’s part to fill out all required fields or to fill them all out in a ledge able
    manner can result in dismissal.
  • Paper based tickets may be lost or otherwise not submitted and therefore not tracked or paid.


  • Tablet based ticketing solution with a small mobile printer.
  • All fields have drop down selection where possible.
  • Solution requires the officer to fill in all fields.
  • Tickets are automatically entered into the appropriate system.


  • Problems with failure to fill out all required information in a readable manner are eliminated.
  • Date stamping ensures accurate information about ticket date and time.
  • All key information required for court appearances/ticket payment automatically printed on
  • Elimination of ticket dismissal due to incomplete/inaccurate information.
  • Elimination of lost and therefore unpaid tickets.