Asset Tracking & Optimization

Processes that rely on active human intervention to physical track sensitive assets (laptops and mobile
devices, external hard drives and storage media, backup tapes) in offices result in security and
compliance measures which are inaccurate and lack real time results required to locate and identify


  • Restricting access to equipment and devices to those with specified certification.
  • Quickly locating personnel and devices.
  • Providing compliance information for security, monitoring, maintenance and problem solutions.
  • Associating specific devices with personnel and configurations.


  • RFID technology makes it possible to uniquely and automatically identify and associate assets,
    configurations and people.
  • Laptops, tablets, communication equipment, storage devices and individuals can be tracked and
    traced, immediately establishing where something (or someone) is, what it is, when it was last
    used or checked for maintenance, and whether all required components are in place for the task
    at hand, along with the people authorized to use them.
  • Devices can be matched to locations, tools matched to the people who use them, and people
    matched to the places they go or can’t go.
  • Personnel badges with RFID chips can be programmed and associated with status, qualifications,
    certifications and experience levels such that device use authorization is only granted to those
    qualified to perform the work and a process can be put in place to only provide access to those
    certified to be on premise.


  • Reduced Labor Costs
    • Less time lost due maintenance activities
    • Less productive time lost due to out-of-synch workers, tools and materials
    • Less productive time lost due to manual processes for monitoring and management
  • Improved regulatory, security and safety compliance
    • Improved control of devices within sites, thereby improving employee/subcontractor
    • Verifiable actions and 24 x 7 data records to support compliance activities
    • Comprehensive program support across facilities, personnel and materials/assets
    • Documentation of who is or was where at any given point in time
  • Reduced Capital Costs
    • Reduced loss and theft of capital equipment