School Bus Tracking, Maintenance and DOT Certification


  • Difficulty in proving that DOT inspections were performed.
  • Complexity in tying DOT inspections to maintenance.
  • Inability to track specifically the route a vehicle took and how long it stopped at each location.
  • Inability to locate a specific bus in a large bus yard.


  • Fleet tracking and fleet management systems work on all types of vehicles buses, vans and
  • GPS tracking devices are installed on vehicles to be tracked. Once activated, the vehicle’s
    location can be monitored in real time on any computer or phone with internet access.
  • The GPS unit uses satellites and cell phone towers to transmit a precise location. The software
    reports on the data in real time. The real time GPS Software is integrated with a map that can
    show landmarks, street names and many more details.
  • RFID tags are located in all critical points of DOT inspection.
  • Each tag must be read when inspections are being done providing an electronic record proving
    the inspections were completed


  • Increased fleet security
  • Quicker response times when problems occur
  • Reduced overtime
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower fuel cost for fleet
  • Navigation assistance
  • Proof of DOT inspections
  • Tie vehicle maintenance and inspections electronically to vehicle maintenance systems.
  • Easily find buses in large fleet yards.
  • Know precisely where your vehicles are at all times, how long they have been in a location and
    where they are going.
  • Save money on fuel (by keeping drivers on route)
  • Immediately detect variations in route and issue alerts to appropriate personnel