Traffic Sign Tracking


  • Most cities simply do not know how many traffic signs they have in place.
  • They do not know how many signs they have in storage so they continue to purchase signs when
    they may have an adequate supply.
  • They do not know how long the traffic signs have been in place.
  • They do not know the common time-lines for signs to bleach out due to UV and become
  • Bleached out traffic signs can cause accidents.


  • RFID tags are applied to each sign.
  • Tags can be read from a considerable distance.
  • As devices are put in place, the tag is read and assigned to the precise location in the
  • Maintenance schedules are established and tied electronically to the sign.
  • Analytics are performed over time to determine common wear cycles.
  • When maintenance is required, it is done so proactively before the sign becomes ineffective.


  • Dramatically improved support of the traffic infrastructure.
  • Sign maintenance performed at non-peak hours when it is safer for maintenance crews and
  • Happier, more satisfied and safer citizens.