Traffic Light Tracking & Maintenance


  • Many growing cities no longer know how many traffic lights they have in place, much less how
    old they are or how long it has been since maintenance has been performed.
  • Maintenance is generally performed when a device fails and must be replaced.
  • Failure of these devices is preventable with appropriate maintenance schedules.
  • Failure results in traffic snarls, angry citizens and potentially deadly accidents.


  • RFID tags are applied to each device.
  • Tags can be read from a considerable distance.
  • As devices are put in place, the tag is read and assigned to the precise location in the
  • Maintenance schedules are established and tied electronically to the light.
  • Analytics are performed over time to determine common failure points and cycles.
  • When maintenance is required, it is done so proactively before the device fails.


  • Dramatically improved support of the traffic infrastructure.
  • Light maintenance performed at non-peak hours when it is safer for maintenance crews and
  • Happier, more satisfied and safer citizens.