Inter-Site Visibility


  • Inability to share information easily with vendors and partners means new orders and reorders are not processed in a timely manner and inventories are greater or smaller than required for production.


  • Inventory tracking and visibility is directly related to information management within and across the enterprise. RFID and other data capture technologies are used in varying scales, locally or across the entire enterprise and with trading partners to provide visibility into incoming raw materials, WIP, production sequencing, packaging, palletizing, and warehousing operations, as well as final shipping to the next destination in the supply chain.


  • The better a manufacturer is able to collect, manage, and use information to drive production assets and processes, the more visibility it can provide to its trading partners. A smoother and more efficient supply chain is created that relies less on human intervention and therefore reduces errors, improves operations, decreases labor and other costs and increases profitability.