Condition Monitoring


  • Equipment maintenance requirements are unknown or undocumented.
  • Serial numbers may be transposed or misread, resulting in improper maintenance procedures being associated with equipment or significant delays in performing maintenance or repairs.
  • Identifying and locating the technician qualified to perform maintenance or repairs is difficult.


  • Serial numbers, maintenance requirements and procedures can be systematically associated with a specific piece of equipment and can be made readily available to anyone who needs to access the information.
  • Qualifications, certifications and experience levels can be systematically associated with personnel badges so that access authorization is only granted to those qualified to perform the work. The location of technicians can be known and monitored so they can be found quickly and mobilized to the spot where maintenance or repairs need to be made.


  • Dramatically reduces down-time associated with uncertain or improper maintenance procedures, unauthorized technicians or the inability to locate a qualified technician in a timely manner. Ensures that only authorized personnel perform the maintenance on a specific piece of equipment.
  • By helping reduce down-time, and managing scheduled (as well as unscheduled) maintenance more effectively, manufacturing performance parameters such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can be positively impacted.