Emergency Vehicle Fleet Management


Tracking of Emergency Vehicle Fleet

  • Municipalities and private companies alike own large ambulance fleets. Keeping track of and managing these fleets is a huge challenge, and if not done properly can result in vehicles not being in the proper location as well as wasted fuel, poor maintenance, excess repairs, inappropriate use and many other issues.


  • Votum’s Fleet Tracking and Management System is ideal for all types of vehicles including ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
  • How does it work? GPS tracking devices are installed on vehicles to be tracked. Once integrated with GPS real-time location software and activated, the vehicle’s location can be monitored in real time on any computer or phone with internet access. The GPS unit uses satellites and cell phone towers to transmit a precise location. The software reports on the data in real time, and collectively the system provides “Real-time Location Services”, or RTLS. The RTLS is integrated with a map that can show landmarks, street names and many more details. The system can also provide data on driver productivity, reliability and behavior/driving habits, including automatic notification of events such as speeding or sudden deceleration.  
  • Votum’s Fleet Management system can also be tied into vehicle maintenance and supply chain systems to ensure just-in-time inventory based on timely, pre-scheduled preventive maintenance.
  • Real-time reporting and notifications provide vital information to assist in vehicle use, location and on-duty time.
  • Ensuring consumables on emergency vehicles are at a satisfactory level can be made more effective and less time consuming using Votum’s passive RFID and bar-coding solutions.


  • Lower fuel costs (more direct routing, less unauthorized driving).
  • Improved scheduling and availability, faster response times.
  • Planned preventive maintenance.
  • Higher visibility of vehicle locations – know where your employees are at any time, how long they have been in a location and where they are going.
  • Just in time inventory and assurance that the equipment and consumables required in an emergency are readily on-hand.