• Pharmaceutical companies now manufacture drugs in countries all over the world. This presents challenges related to authentication and tracking drugs and controlled substances through the supply chain.


  • RFID technology offers pharmaceutical companies a number of advantages due to the complex international delivery chains involved. RFID makes it possible to identify drugs quickly and reliably at each point of the supply chain, from factory to consumer. RFID technology can also help pharmaceutical companies create electronic pedigree solutions offering total transparency on complete tracking histories.


  • ePedigree defends against counterfeit products and grey distribution channels.
  • RFID contributes to safety in pharmaceuticals by bringing visibility to the entire supply chain.
  • Because authentication presents an obstacle to counterfeiters, RFID technology serves to protect the value of a brand.
  • RFID enables tracking through the supply chain, which in turn improves the efficiency of each partner’s processes by making the receipt and delivery of goods swift and simple.
  • RFID is also a fast and efficient means for managing product recall processes.