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Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are quickly discovering the value that “The Internet of Things” can offer for tracking equipment, people, drugs, batches and batch-related equipment. Improved visibility frees up manpower so that staff and technicians can spend more time providing high quality care and less time locating assets. Per shift costs for locating equipment is surprisingly high amounting to millions of dollars in waste and lost productivity per year. Facilities effectively using these technologies are showing significantly improved profitability and patient satisfaction. The ability to add sensors to wireless reporting capabilities offers new and unparalleled capabilities resulting in more timely care and certification of freshness and quality. It also improves the ability to ensure the safety and well-being of patients.  Votum helps clients use the data automatically collected by these technologies to more quickly and effectively understand their key financial and operational performance indicators through dashboards that can be deployed throughout the facility.  Votum helps hospital staff understand how to use these dashboards to perform root cause analysis, corrective action and continuous improvement resulting in improved operational efficiency, patient care and profitibility.


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