Physical Security, Monitoring and Asset Tracking


  • Financial institutions are responsible for a significant amount of highly confidential information.
  • Theft of this information can result in litigation and a serious loss of credibility and customers.
  • Visitors or unauthorized personnel represent a threat to the security of this data.
  • Securing devices such as laptops and tablet devices represents a serious challenge.


  • Deploy active RFID solutions on a floor by floor basis.
  • Tag all employees, visitors and services personnel with active RFID tags.
  • Tag all high value assets with active RFID tags.
  • Assign assets (such as a laptop) to a specific employee when appropriate.
  • Register visitors and assign escorts.
  • Create different security levels in various zones.
  • Create authorizations for each zone with automatic notification of unauthorized entry.
  • Automatically monitor escort violations.
  • Generate reports for auditing purposes or to help improve processes.
  • Up-to-the-minute asset tracking and personnel tracking information.
  • Locate and track in real-time all personnel and visitors.


  • Assure visitors are escorted and not in high-security areas.
  • Automatically detect potential safety risks.
  • Improve management of valued assets in real-time with location and tracking.
  • Bring your employees and visitors to safety in an emergency and deploy necessary assets to
    where they are needed most.
  • Permit to work system offers real-time visibility into workers actions and locations – and
    maintains electronic records of hours worked. The system also ensures that only workers that
    have permits are allowed to work in the defined work zones.
  • Tagged assets can be tied to specific personnel and tracked at all times.
  • Automated alerting if unauthorized personnel attempts to leave with tagged assets.