Emergency Mustering & Personnel Security


  • Lack of automated methods for tracking Personnel-On-Board (PoB) on off-shore rigs.
  • Difficulties in ensuring permit to work employees are accounted for and in the correct zone.
  • Tracking employees, contractors and visitors and ensuring only appropriate personnel are in high
    security areas.
  • Personnel visibility during an emergency.
  • Detecting man-down situations for “lone workers”.
  • General control of restricted areas
  • Tracking of high-value, high-security or potentially dangerous assets.


  • RFID tags worn by all personnel on the facility.
  • Real-Time Location System installed on-site.
  • Asset management software installed on site.
  • Establishment of zones based on security requirements.
  • Personnel zone authorization set for every person onsite.


  • Know where your employees and assets are located at all times.
  • Be able to quickly muster your employees in an emergency
  • See real-time, on a facilities map, comprehensive evacuation status including who has reached the
    muster points and who requires evacuation.
  • Improve the safety and security of your facility – even in extremely hazardous conditions.
  • Provide an accurate real-time PoB without the hassle of manual entry.
  • Employees check-in using auto-ID smart cards and can even be tracked in real-time once on-site.
  • Permit to work system offers real-time visibility into workers actions and locations – and maintains
    electronic records of hours worked.
  • Ensure only workers that have permits are allowed to work in the defined work zones and that
    visitors are escorted and not in high-security areas.
  • Set specific parameters for triggering man down alarm, monitor at specific intervals to assure lone
    worker is responsive.
  • Automatically detect potential safety risks and initiate alarms if certain abnormalities occur.
  • Create different security levels in various zones with automatic notification of unauthorized entry.
  • Integrate with radio systems enabling employee contact to check on status.
  • Quickly and easily generate reports for auditing purposes or to help improve processes.