Remote Tank Monitoring


  • Mining companies utilize tanking solutions which must be replenished or emptied depending upon the application.
  • Most tanks are manually monitored, many of which are in very remote, difficult to access locations.
  • Power and conventional communications such as landlines, radio and cell service are unavailable.
  • Personnel must periodically travel to the individual locations to take readings, monitor the tanks and potentially empty or refill depending on the application.
  • Tank management is very costly in terms of personnel time, travel costs and travel risk.
  • Travel can be required when the combination of weather conditions and remote location combine to significantly increase risk to drivers and crew.


  • Monitor critical tank levels located anywhere in the world from any Internet connected browsing
  • Provide ultra-reliable operation at weather extremes for long durations by gathering solar power
    and storing on specialized batteries.
  • Route communications through satellite, GPRS, WiFi, or wired Ethernet depending upon availability.
  • Establish a preferred communication order whereby the least expensive communication method is
    tried first.
  • Send alerts to relevant personnel when critical levels are reached, including low battery levels
  • Add additional sensors including flows, pressures, temperatures, light/dark, acceleration, humidity,
    GPS location, density, mass, pH, and many more.
  • Automatically log data stored remotely if communications fail and is transmitted when
    communications are re-established


  • Elimination of unnecessary monitoring trips by personnel.
  • Elimination of transcribed field notes.
  • Significant reduction in emergency callouts for replenishing and emptying.
  • Risk reduction via redundancy in alerts – automatically sent to multiple personnel.
  • Faster time-to-cash for products and services.
  • Increased data accuracy for trending and analysis yielding improved supply chain efficiencies for
    replenishment products and disposal services.