Ore Production Visibility


  • Large mining operations find it difficult to monitor all of the various vehicles entering and exiting the site.
  • Ensuring that only authorized vehicles leave the facility with tools and materials is critical.
  • Knowing approximately how much ore a given vehicle is moving is also critical.


  • RFID tag all authorized vehicles.
  • Install RFID readers at critical entry and exit points.
  • Install thermal cameras on elevated platforms near readers.
  • Install motion detectors along with cameras and readers.
  • Vehicles entering or leaving the facility are detected using the motion detectors and the RFID readers and digital cameras are triggered.
  • Authorized vehicles are filmed to certify loads.
  • Unauthorized vehicles are also filmed and security personnel are alerted to their presence.


  • Complete visibility and control over vehicles entering and leaving the facility.
  • Significant reduction in theft of equipment.
  • Increased visibility into ore production.