Field Services Equipment Tracking & Maintenance


  • Equipment at numerous locations across vast distances must be inventoried.
  • Equipment may be difficult to locate.
  • Locating and recording serial numbers on equipment and entering a correct product description is
    labor intensive, time-consuming and error prone resulting in a less than reliable asset database.
  • Asset tracking can require a large number of dedicated personnel to effectively keep track of
    equipment and associated maintenance records.


  • Asset tagging equipment with RFID tags.
  • RFID readers and hardened mobile devices installed on-site or in the vehicles of the asset tracking
  • Asset management software installed on the hardened mobile device.
  • Assets logged and inventoried real-time or on-demand.
  • Automatic detection of equipment removal.


  • Dramatically improved accuracy in asset count, equipment visibility and equipment utilization.
  • Improved staff morale and job satisfaction and reduced turnover.
  • Reduced manpower requirements for physical inventory.
  • Significantly reduced costs for labor, fuel and equipment.