Freight & Logistics



  • Some sources, such as the FBI, estimate cargo theft to be a $10 Billion problem in the United States alone. Just the loss of one truck can cost a company millions of dollars.


  • In pallet GPS devices that track your shipment in the air or over the road.
  • Shipping container mounted GPS devices that track your shipment via rail car or across the ocean.


  • Ensure your cargo is tracked from origin to destination.
  • Customer’s gain visibility to high-value cargo shipped by air with confidence that it is secured while in transit.
  • A planned sea excursion may include multiple stopping points and trans-shipping events. A
    shipper can be assured of updates when a container arrives or departs ports, as well as receive
    data when the container is involved in overland moves.
  • Real-time GPS and security status information for rail and road shipments, which often cannot be provided by the carrier. Whether in the yard or moving across country, your cargo will be visible to you all day, every day.