Automated Replenishment of Consumables



  • Failure to reorder consumables in a timely manner results in either an inability to supply operations, expensive emergency/rush orders for parts, borrowing from other lines/locations or costly rework.
  • In a retail environment, this failure results in empty shelves, dissatisfied customers, and lost revenues.


  • Automated shipping and receiving, including receiving, put away, picking, packing and shipping.
  • Capture inbound and outbound transactions.
  • Automate inventory count against advanced shipping notice during shipping and receiving to eliminate errors.
  • By tagging consumables at the pallet and case level (and potentially some larger/more expensive items) with RFID, consumption can be tracked in real-time and in an automated fashion.
  • When tied to the point of sale system, purchases can be tied to shelf stock. After factoring in shrink, a reliable number of items can be determined.
  • This consumption is tracked against a preset minimum level for each item and automatic reordering is initiated when these threshold levels are reached.
  • Instant reconciliation at all hand-off points, removing errors and delays and allowing instant end-to-end visibility.
  • Reconcile shipping and receiving exceptions as they occur.
  • As consumables are utilized and assemblies created automated triggers can be set off based on preset rules for replenishment on an item by item basis.
  • Use rules-based engine to identify exceptions and trigger alerts.


  • Automates manual functions reducing costs and delays.
  • Lost revenues and profits associated with downtime or out-of-stock are greatly reduced as shortages are eliminated and inventory management and parts replenishment efficiencies are realized.
  • Prevents inventory build-up.