Equipment Tracking & Maintenance


  • Real estate and construction companies also own and rent vast heavy equipment and construction equipment fleets. Sometimes these assets are engaged onsite, sometimes they are in a storage yard, and sometimes they are in transit from job site to job site. Making sure the right equipment is at the right job at the right time is critical, and keeping track of and managing these fleets is a major challenge.
  • Maintaining expensive capital assets like vehicle fleets and heavy equipment is imperative to maximize uptime and ensure high availability. Paper records in the glove compartment are no longer adequate in today‚Äôs mobile and data-driven society.


  • Using a combination of GPS/RTLS and RFID technologies, real estate and construction companies can Increase utilization on capital assets and rental equipment by knowing where equipment is at all times, whether on-site, in the storage yard or in route.
  • For maintenance purposes, serial numbers, maintenance requirements and procedures can be systematically associated with the proper piece of equipment through the use of RFID tags and readers.


  • Improved maintenance processes and procedures tied to a specific vehicle or piece of equipment.
  • Maintenance history electronically tied to equipment and can be available as needed on-site.
  • Reduced overall maintenance and repair expenses.