Emergency Mustering and Personnel Security


  • Compliance and safety are critical and becoming more so every day. Knowing who is on your site at all times and where they are, knowing who is authorized to be where and what assets and equipment they are authorized to use, and having strong compliance and safety programs supported by automatic data capture records are high priorities in the industry.


  • Large industrial sites, including construction, manufacturing and energy facilities, face increasing pressure to meet strict, effective and auditable personnel safety practices. Real-time location solutions can help organizations protect their personnel and ensure operational integrity – while still optimizing resources and assets in real time.


  • With personnel tracking systems from Votum, you can expect to:
    • Know where your employees and visitors are located at all times.
    • Know who is authorized to be where at all times.
    • Be able to quickly muster employees and visitors in an emergency.
    • Have the ability to quickly and easily generate reports for auditing.
    • Improve the safety and security of your facility – even in extremely hazardous conditions.
  • Real-time personnel safety and security monitoring.
    • Register visitors and assign escorts.
    • Assure visitors are escorted and not in high-security areas.
    • Create different security levels in various zones.
    • Create authorizations for each zone with automatic notification of unauthorized entry.
    • Automatically monitor escort violations.
    • Generate reports for auditing purposes or to help improve processes.
    • Up-to-the-minute asset tracking and personnel tracking information that can be quickly utilized in a dangerous situation.
    • Bring your employees and visitors to safety and deploy necessary assets to where they are needed most.
  • Emergency Mustering.
    • Know the number and whereabouts of all employees and visitors at all times.
    • See real-time on a facilities map comprehensive evacuation status.
    • Know exactly how many people still need evacuation.
    • Know how many have reached the muster points.
    • Generate evacuation reports for improvement.
  • Real-time lone worker monitoring.
    • Set specific parameters for triggering man down alarm.
    • Monitor at specific intervals to assure lone worker is responsive.
    • Generate reports for audits or internal safety reviews.
  • High-risk location employee monitoring.
    • Sensors will monitor your employees’ location and status.
    • Initiate alarms if certain abnormalities occur.
    • Integrate with radio systems enabling employee contact to check on status.