Valuable assets and inventories can be scattered across real estate and construction sites locally, regionally, nationally or even internationally. Companies cannot successfully maximize utilization of their equipment without clearly understanding where it is and how long it will be there. Brokers, agents and construction workers, guests and visitors, architects, engineers, inspectors, government officials, contractors and even buyers can be present onsite and should be tracked to ensure they do not enter restricted areas.

The Internet of Things technologies such as GPS, RFID and BLE make it possible to uniquely and automatically identify and associate assets, materials and people. Tools, heavy equipment, trucks and cars, material pallets and individuals can be tracked and traced, immediately establishing where something (or someone) is, what it is, when it was last used or checked for maintenance, and whether all required components are in place for the task at hand, along with the people authorized to use them. Items can be matched to locations, tools matched to the people who use them, and people matched to he places they go or can’t go.


Automated Replenishment of Consumables

Emergency Mustering and Personnel Security

Equipment Tracking and Maintenance

Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking System