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In this section you can find additional information about Votum and our services, technologies and
perspectives. We will share news about the company and our people, current industry events,
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News & Press Releases »

  • Find press releases, news about the company and upcoming industry or Votum events
    where we might be able to connect.
Market Offering Brochures »

  • Find Market Brochures with detailed descriptions of our offerings.
Internet of Things »

  • Find a primer on a wide range of automatic identification and data
    capture technologies and their uses in various applications.
Case Studies »

  • Find examples and success stories related to Votum’s experience in helping our clients
    address their business issues.
Frequently Asked Questions »

  • Find the answers to commonly asked questions about Votum’s services
    and technologies as well as how to engage with Votum in evaluating or implementing options to address
    your business requirements.